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Daily Deals with Local Businesses is on a mission to re-unite local businesses with local consumers so you get better deals on a daily basis. Not only that, but we promise to connect you with the best local businesses who have earned the right to feature in our database on merit rather than buying their way in. Our partners are judged by you on the quality of their products and the personal service they provide. And because we don´t charge a commission fee for local businesses to advertise with us, they can offer you better daily deals so you save more money!

Only Uncle is the "People´s Website" where you choose, you control and you win. Find a local business you like and help promote it by being the first to share your discovery with your friends on social media sites like Facebook and leaving reviews on Only Uncle. We have an extensive range of interactive online media tools for you to use so you can get involved, show your support and tell others about great deals they can get on a daily basis.

Support Your Local Community

Support for local businesses is important for the economy of the entire community and Only Uncle want to make it easier for you to connect with the premier businesses nearest to you. The idea is not unique, but what makes Only Uncle a more attractive proposition than our competitors is that we do not charge local businesses a commission which allows them to invest more money in you and offer better deals.

It´s time local people supported each other and Only Uncle is a step towards bringing communities together. By finding the best businesses for you we will help one another build a local community that is self-supporting. Furthermore, you can shop in the knowledge that you are getting access to the best businesses in the area that are committed to delivering quality products and services.

You can show your support for local businesses by signing our manifesto. We promise not to share your personal contact details with any third party for our own personal gain. All we want to do is offer you the best daily deals with the best local businesses so why not register today. You do not have to register with us to benefit from this service, but members do get better deals so join us in supporting your local community and save money doing it!

We don't charge any commissions on deals, that local businesses advertise on our platform.

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