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Benefits for Local Businesses

Join our friendly online community and build close working relationships with other local businesses and receive support from local customers. Only Uncle is important for the future success of your business and for strengthening customer ties within your locality.

As a small business enterprise itself, Only Uncle understands the difficulties faced by SME´s, but as successful business owners we wanted to help you share in our achievements and give you a platform to freely promote your business to a wider audience and a loyal customer base.

For an annual registration fee of just £99.99 you have direct access to customers through our online media tools that helps you promote your business and boost your profits. Not only that, but unlike other Daily Deal sites we do not charge a commission on deals – that´s 0% commission and you take complete control of the deals you offer!

The Benefits for Local Businesses

  • Allows you to showcase your products and services
  • 0% commission on deals and offers
  • Access to loyal customers
  • Create a network with other local businesses
  • Attract local consumers
  • Build SEO
  • Increase your profits

How does Only Uncle Work?

The idea is that you offer attractive promotions to consumers as and when you like. It could be on a daily basis, weekly, monthly or as and when. You have complete control over what you advertise and when you advertise, but the more you offer attractive promotions to customers the more exposure you get and the more profit you make.

Other daily deal sites charge between 50-60% commission on the deals you offer, but Only Uncle feels these charges restrict business owners to offer deals that are more appealing to customers. By removing the commission charge completely it gives you the licence to offer promotions that will attract customers to your business. All we ask in return is that you use the money you save by using Only Uncle to offer customers better deals.

We are looking to partner with local SME´s that are committed to providing the best quality of service and products. Consumers are asked to leave comments and recommendations about your business and also have the opportunity to share their experience with others by using our extensive range of social media tools. Therefore if you provide a quality service you will get more exposure without having to do anything. You can help Only Uncle strengthen business ties within your local community and in doing so will, attract more consumers, develop loyalty with customers, engage with other local businesses and increase your profits. Join us now and benefit from the support of local people and local businesses.

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