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Support small businesses by helping them to better reach and serve their customers

Regenerate communities by encouraging local shopping and promoting local employment

Encourage community participation through feedback and engagement with local business

Give to local businesses the tools they need to fight back against greedy self-interested corporates who attack every local area across the country.

And I'd also like to say

todd said : this is a very important role you are playing in helping small business growth.

albert said : you have the right idea only uncle!

howard said : without a doubt, your manifesto tells the story about how we need more initiatives like yours to help small business growth.

james said : great looking revamp to the website.

allan said : fantastic marketing platform.

janice and ted said : right there with you all the way!

colin said : you're manifesto is a very impressive document that speaks volumes about you.

barbara said : absolutely brilliant!!!!!

micky said : that's exactly what we need here - proactive thinking.

david gummes said : i found your marketing strategy very switched on. nice work.

lee said : very inspiring to say the least. profoundly written manifesto.

mr granger said : that is a fine campaign you have launched. we are optimistic the results will be very positive.

rick said : very powerful mission! we need more troops like you!

jake said : thumbs up for only uncle!

billy said : excellent way to brand our business as we just started trading

louis said : we don't have a web site yet but with your platform, we can compete on the internet - great idea!

gary said : like the ability to get higher rankings and your built in seo - saves me money

sherry said : very informative, like the faqs and vids

rachel said : cost effective way to brand small business on a shoe string budget

jb said : well organised profile that delivers

sandy and jane said : like how you're helping smes to grow their business, like being a side line marketing coach

chuck said : an asset that contributes to my marketing efforts

jim said : like your free listing, got noticed already by customers that would otherwise not realise we are here, think we will upgrade

tom said : by not charging my customers added fees or commissions on their purchases, the bottom line is healthier for all concerned

alok said : increased sales and less marketing spend. that's what your platform provides.

owen said : only uncle is a great way to spread the word about your business without costing an arm and a leg. better than any directory we have used in the past.

david said : excellent method to speed up sales and create exposure

andy said : great news for the high streets!!!!

mr lewis said : thank you for your marketing support!

matt said : excellent way to showcase small businesses.

gemma said : like the new look of the site and all the discounts

alan said : we care about the future of small business and stand with you

wayne said : i share your passion and commitment!

rob said : a sound investment for so little

shakhawan said : this is a very creative entrepreneurial driven concept which will help drive small business in the uk forward

jo said : great way to help create jobs and growth

liz said : this is an essential part of becoming economical solvent in this country again

emily said : lots of great advice and give aways

iain said : urge everyone to participate in this community for the sake of all local businesses and consumers across the uk

karl said : brilliant marketing platform!!!!

jon said : breaks down to .68p per day - can't argue with that

anthony said : a well structured site with many marketing options, and a fine mission statement

jan said : good to see only uncle in our corner

will said : like the ability to reach out via social media.

nick said : incredibly cheap! 250 for all this! that's real value.

emad said : we will be recommending your company to every business owner!!!

linda said : supporting your business is a pleasure. thank you for supporting ours.

richard thompson said : keep up the fine work!

liam said : a very supportive platform with many effective marketing tools at hand.

joe said : this is one local business that appreciates your commitment.

mervin leverock said : i know that your platform is definitely a good investment for me.

kevin said : brilliant commitment to help small businesses achieve success.

harvey said : exceptional promotional site!

jason said : with the increase of small business demise including ours, it's very encouraging to see companies like yours stepping up to really help. too bad we didn't know about you before. we could have used your help. best of luck!

trent said : like your profile section. excellent for marketing online and offline.

tim & lawrence said : professionally structured site with loads of useful business tools

peter wilson said : i think that your digital marketing plan will pay dividends for smes in the long run. good job!

ravi said : reviewed your site, and you have a very effective platform to work with. including getting good deals.

brady said : uk small businesses will certainly benefit from your marketing approach.

katie said : small business marketing tools to make you successful

harriet said : you have created a viable platform to get small business working together.

amey said : very engaging site...

blain said : there will be many challenges ahead but you are on the right track with your campaign.

kalvin said : no doubt about the commitment to help smes.

finny said : you will earn the respect of your clients and their clients with this plan.

sybil said : the uk needs more growth strategies like yours to become properous again.

tom said : like the manifesto. great message.

max said : lots of great advice for small business novices like me.

yvette said : this should be part of mary porta's campaign to bring high streets back to life.

stella said : thought about linking your platform to mobile? instant offers?


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    Please read our manifesto. It outlines what is and what we want to achieve for local SMEs

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