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Support small businesses by helping them to better reach and serve their customers

Regenerate communities by encouraging local shopping and promoting local employment

Encourage community participation through feedback and engagement with local business

Give to local businesses the tools they need to fight back against greedy self-interested corporates who attack every local area across the country.

And I'd also like to say

diana said : creative marketing platform.

barry said : this is better than a regular directory.

adrian & barb said : we join you in supporting smes!

keith said : interactive and engaging social media platform...

gareth said : it's initiatives like this one which will create a chain effect across the uk. appreciated as a small business owner!

joan said : very inspiring!

hugo said : stay the course ou, and let's make it happen!!!

heather and john said : we support only uncle. keep up the excellent work.

shailesh said : this deserves maximum media coverage.

jeremy said : you have my support!

nadhim said : supporting small business is vital to the uk's ability to bounce back from a bad economic situation. good on you!

haden said : very practical easy to use online tools.

tammy said : like your money saving ideas

nicolai said : i am impressed with your commitment and this platform. we will sign up and refer you to everyone.

fredrick said : this is an essential part of how small businesses will survive and respond to big business smothering the little people.

grace said : well put paul!

paul decouto said : once in while, a small business steps up to take on a big challenge and make a positive impact. it's more than just words or making a living. it's a mission, and we want all of you out there to realise that and stand with us! paul decouto business development mgr. only uncle

sammy, bob and tony said : only uncle, you are setting the standard! keep it up!!!!!!!

ronald said : is there anything greater than helping your fellow small business to help you?

harry said : let's bring business back to the uk instead of giving it up to other countries. more mfrs in the uk!!!

p. walker said : your mission is commendable.

philip said : like the ability for small business owners like myself to compete on equal footing with the bigger companies

dwaine said : very well thought out platform. customer interaction is an excellent benefit.

justine said : love the ratings and recommendation system.

william said : great way to brand our shop without breaking the piggy bank.

mandy said : hey, viable solution for us small guys

mark said : ask yourself; i have a shoe string budget, small business that needs help to grow. i don't know a great deal about marketing and can't afford a marketing company. well here's the answer - only uncle.

cheryl said : creative strategy for sme recovery.

jaquline said : free options are good...

henry said : this will give your organisation increased exposure & seo, showcase your logo and enhance your marketing / promotional efforts. and best of all, bring customers to your door.

jane said : great to see you supporting raceonline!

ross said : free listing that helps put our small business on the map. lots of good tools.

david said : this is a superb way to showcase a small business.

andy said : count me in.

alan said : delighted to share support!

michael said : keep going!!!!

genero said : only uncle is part of a very key role in getting the uk back to work and enriching our communities again.

fran said : it is encouraging to see businesses like yours earning a positive living but also making a commitment to sustain and help smes grow.

susan whitley said : i support your organisation!

robert said : our small business is just starting out and your platform is perfect and cost effective.

larry said : we need more strategies like this...

ewan said : i think that your manifesto says a lot about only uncle

adam said : great digital marketing solution.

randy said : glad we signed up!

george said : mission statement is very meaningful, and hits home what's happening to small biz across this nation.

kaley said : your profile page is an effective marketing tool.

b. mason said : this is an important plan for the health of small business in britain.

elaine said : good work i must say guys!

ben said : keep the momentum going lads and ladies!

marvin said : you can add me to your list of supporters.

roy said : yes it is time to push back big business.

jim from u.s.a. said : we could use this in the u.s.

casey said : i applaud what you are doing. we need more activity like this in the uk.

jack & nancy said : we support only uncle!

cam said : nice one ou!

j. wright said : love the mission, love the support.

rajish said : shop local support small business.

helen brown said : all communities big and small need to get involved!

gayner said : that is a noble cause!

cindy, tom and shirley said : we support only uncle because they support us.

bob said : smes - watch this space!

vern said : great digital platform.

hamish said : the interactive feature of your portal is an excellent communication tool for businesses and consumers.

stefan & company said : mr uncle, you have our support!!! well done!!!

tony said : as a small business, i truly appreciate a cost effective portal like yours to push our business forward.

luke said : your profile tools are easy to use and very effective.

glen said : great initiative.

bruno said : if only the banks got involved in helping smes!!!

marian said : with strategies like this, we stand a better chance of economic recovery.

alex said : like the fact that as a small business we don't pay charges or commissions.

jake said : wonder if the politicians are listening?

maria said : saw you on facebook. exactly what we need to get local economies back on track.

edward said : and a fight it must be. good on you...

farin said : you have a very big task ahead of you. keep it up!

marc said : that is a meaningful commitment we need in this country.

izzy said : love the message!

sam said : thanks for the great news and updates.

gus said : like your profile benefits.

natalie said : this is the kind of online help we need to promote our business. thank you.

mike said : right there with you!

irvine said : with your help, we will see a positive shift in sme success across britain.

audrey s. said : good to have more people fighting for the little guys!

rudy said : great way to reach out to smes and shoppers.

ana said : interesting web site with a great deal to offer for both businesses and consumers.

john said : thumbs up for a fine commitment!

bev said : you have a monumental task ahead but from what i see, you will be successful. you have my support.

rod said : outstanding marketing tools for so little investment!

angie said : good social media tools.

june said : like your offers and promos.

britany said : like the commitment. great manifesto.

sean said : sound business platform.

roger said : you deserve an obe.

artie said : like the youtube vids.

bobby said : right there with you.

eman said : think we need only uncle in ireland too

don said : i support local business too!

ted said : well put together instructional videos.

xavier said : good to see this happening in the uk.

chaz said : your plan to rejuvenate local communities is going to make a difference.

danny said : like this campaign.

amir said : your mission is appreciated by our small business.

patricia coppins said : you have our support!!!!

wendy said : well thought out.

lile said : 100% behind you.

ernie said : this is the makings of healthier smes.

f. thompson said : inspiring manifesto.

michelle said : your uncle has his plan together....

aaron said : very positive thinking!!!

calvin said : i think your benefits speak for themselves, excellent!

richard white said : i believe you are onto something very viable here. well done.

lillian s. said : amazing source of good deals. you have a lovely web site too.

liz said : this is by far much more cost effective than other directories. spread the news everyone!

jacob m. said : literally giving it away for what one invests.

addy said : marvelous what you're doing.

ryan said : very cost effective for what we get.

matthew said : good reasons to get subscribed.

paul said : listen up smes. here's a great solution...

jonathan said : yes big business and government, the real problem.

mavis said : it's great to see such support!

julian said : our community can use your help.

martin said : your manifesto is inspiring!!!!

jj said : too right chaps. put on the gloves.

sue said : all of us at jeries support you!

scott said : great looking revamp of the site.

mick said : hey what about tatoo shops? good resource site. like the fat guy too.

walter said : let's fight back the greedy corporates. great platform.

dave said : no commission. groupon who? time to move advertisers!!!!

gabe said : bring it back to the communities only uncle. we'll sign a petition if need be.

pete said : hey uncle, nice one mate.

betheny said : i'm on board!

charlie said : this should hit the press! people need to hear about you.

haj said : like the profile tools...

vic said : as a small business, we need all the help we can get - nice one.

samir said : maybe you should run for prime minister?

ray said : you have my support

fiona williams said : love the mission statement!

herb said : outstanding website.

jimmy said : hey mr cameron, this is what it takes to help small biz!!!!!!!

stephen said : excellent benefits...

irene said : this is very encouraging for small businesses like ours. well done.

jeroen said : keep it up!! great manifesto!

kate said : local economies really do need help.

bill said : good to hear small business helping small business. doesn't seem to be much of that coming from our esteemed governement!

hasim said : you have a very strong message!

ian m. said : very well stated!!!

judy said : like the new look of the site. well done!

sherman said : great support people!

keith said : 100% support from me and my family.

barry said : that's the stuff we need

brian said : like what you stand for!

gemma said : good on you only uncle...

greg said : there's never been a better time to have this platform in place.

ali said : we need more stimulus like this in our community

mark said : great mission statement. nice one!!!

sophie said : i think you are on the right track to helping small business in this country.

p. james said : this will definitely help small businesses.

bruce said : this is a winning marketing strategy!

thomas l. said : most excellent platform for smes

charlene said : you have got it right!

sally said : we need to encourage more small business to this platform.

david l said : good concept. how much does it cost? maybe you should tell businesses that on your site.

trish said : you have my support!!!

linda holmes said : looks like an excellent offer for smes and consumers.

jason said : you guys are doing small business a good turn

malcom said : superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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