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Show your support for our mission to help Local Businesses


Support small businesses by helping them to better reach and serve their customers

Regenerate communities by encouraging local shopping and promoting local employment

Encourage community participation through feedback and engagement with local business

Give to local businesses the tools they need to fight back against greedy self-interested corporates who attack every local area across the country.

And I'd also like to say

@stayingaliveuk said : that this is a brilliant project and one that will get consumers supporting their local businesses more, as well as benefiting from offers to generate more customer loyalty.

ellen said : i think what you are doing to help stimulate the british economy is simply wonderful. let's here it for only uncle!

raymond said : outstanding value, great features to work with as a small biz user!

timothy said : your new site is looking real good. love the manifesto!

william said : i would strongly recommend this platform to any sme that wants to succeed online. 29.99 is incredible value. like having a marketing coach for next to it.

doreen c. said : i'm 100% behind what you're doing for local economies!

kim said : love the new website. does your uncle have a name?

randall simms said : only uncle, you are on a very important mission. stay with it. britain appreciates it.

florence t. said : the regeneration of local communities is very important to everyone in britain. great to see your business care. we need more like you and less talk from politicians.

theo said : brilliant business model!!!

james and sandra said : as a small business we appreciate your commitment to help small businesses just like ours.

shirley said : i think that your manifesto is very inspiring! as a small business person, that is commendable!

mel said : 29.99!!! you must be mad! i like it!

lucy said : as a small business owner, your marketing platform is very effective and does everything i need to get noticed without spending hardly any money. thanks!

rinu said : i fully support what you are doing to help simulate local economies and smes succeed online.

anna said : this is an excellent resource for sales offers.

jay said : your mission is commendable!!!! keep up the good work people!

pat said : remarkable positive changes to your website. nice one..

anita said : keep up the good work only uncle...

pam said : great to see what you're doing is helping small biz get back on their feet. love the marketing tools!!

paul decouto said : what can be said about a business that not only gives consumers super deals, saving their hard earned money but truly cares about the uk's economic future. why not show your support? let's stand shoulder to shoulder and help each other!

sammy said : kudos on your recent partnership with gbbo google!!!

ian said : it's efforts like yours that will make all the difference in the world to smes and the future of our local economies.

martin said : great to see smes getting a helping hand!

gupta singh said : this is the kind of movement people need to get involved in.

ben said : go uncle go!!!!

julia said : your manifesto needs to be seen and acknowledged by anyone who is concerned by the state of the economy.

phil said : with you all the way!

christine said : very positive objectives that will help local communities thrive.

sue said : your manifesto is inspiring!

todd said : this is a very important role you are playing in helping small business growth.

albert said : you have the right idea only uncle!

howard said : without a doubt, your manifesto tells the story about how we need more initiatives like yours to help small business growth.

james said : great looking revamp to the website.

allan said : fantastic marketing platform.

janice and ted said : right there with you all the way!

colin said : you're manifesto is a very impressive document that speaks volumes about you.

barbara said : absolutely brilliant!!!!!

micky said : that's exactly what we need here - proactive thinking.

david gummes said : i found your marketing strategy very switched on. nice work.


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    Please read our manifesto. It outlines what is and what we want to achieve for local SMEs

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