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Show your support for our mission to help Local Businesses


Support small businesses by helping them to better reach and serve their customers

Regenerate communities by encouraging local shopping and promoting local employment

Encourage community participation through feedback and engagement with local business

Give to local businesses the tools they need to fight back against greedy self-interested corporates who attack every local area across the country.

And I'd also like to say

eddie m. said : time for more people to encourage and support this action.

cheryl said : it's good to see this kind of platform helping small businesses out.

dennis said : you've got our support!

adam l. said : i see you have some good online tools to work with.

fabio said : we are going to have to really muster up alot of action to win this battle against big business. good job only uncle.

mervin said : excellent support!

philip said : this is a good idea which has come at a good time.

tracey millhouse said : looks like a winning solution for smes.

leon said : now this is seriously impressive!

simon said : it's great to see such support. mr cameron; are you listening?

sanjay said : when small businesses are suffering the most, it is refreshing to see a company doing this.

oscar said : you can count our business in.

jerry belsey said : we support your business model 100%.

lisa gates said : i like the sound of this campaign.

zack said : good to see people coming together.

b. tyler said : we fully support your mission!

peter james said : we need more crusaders like only uncle.

carol devenyn said : this is a great step towards turning the economy around.

randy said : you need to spread the news. everyone needs to support this!

jeremy innis said : looks like easy to use online tools. made just for me, the layman.

cheryl may said : i'm new to this online malarky - looking forward to your tips and advice. c

d. coppins said : this is what we need in the uk. people standing up to big business. time to make the government listen.

pansy leverock said : as a small business, we are right behind you!!!

ted jackson said : this is a super idea!

stacey flanders said : too many small businesses are disappearing. this will help slow that down.

albert s. said : i'm in!

george a. said : smes need to take affirmative action or accept the consequences.

lorna d. said : we need more businesses like yours to stand together and make a difference.

w. thompson said : good to see you taking up the fight against big business.

victor said : when will you be offering your support for small businesses in scotland? like the mission.

jane dennis said : i've seen too many small businesses go by the way side. good to have this kind of support.

bill said : this is what it takes. the little guys fighting for the little guys.

p. deters said : your formula to help regenerate local communities is asset that can't be denied success.

trudy w. said : this is a welcome approach. we are bhind you.

jay simpson said : putting a stop to big business eating up communities is not just important, it's a priority.

gupta said : i urge all ethnic enterprise to become part of this movement.

jim said : this is what we need, a platform that brings consumers back to the high street.

jonathan kilmer said : this is what britain needs - a rising!

taylor t. said : good concept. right timing.

bob said : let's all get behind only uncle!!!

linda said : as a small business owner, i think this is a great platform - and very cost effective!

edward bailey said : like the social media strategy.

tom said : would be nice to see more businesses take part in something that helps their very existence.

angela barrows said : in this economic climate, it is inspiring to see businesses like yours rise to the challenge.

tony said : nice one! now we just need the government to make a more determined effort to help small business.

martin said : will you be offering deals right across the uk?

sam said : fantastic concept!

john benson said : i strongly believe in keeping our high streets alive. good on you!

elliot farmer said : the community is right behind you only uncle.

les thomas said : taking proactive action - now that's what we need!!

howard jones said : good to see more support coming from the main stream for smes.

ben townsend said : as a small business owner, i need all the support we can get to keep us alive and profitable. nice one!!

j. nelson said : about time an online company stepped up against corporates.

julie brooks said : we need more support for our communities, and your company is a testament to that need.

james williams said : i stand by what this company is doing for our town, our businesses and our future.

bill miller said : let's take it back - good luck only uncle!

more machine digital said : being online is vital for any business - no matter what the industry - being online allows you to be found.

digistart said : great idea guys

raminder said : i think its a great idea.......

stacey williamson said : in supporting sme's we help to keep alive the spirit of independent high streets and local artisans. helping sme's get online promotes local business and generates healthy growth to the local economy.

fidgit box said : creatively connecting

fidgit box said : creatively connecting

brian watson said : together we are stronger!

steve said : great idea

carl said : nice to see somebody helping local businesses

paul decouto said : only uncle is going to help regenerate local high street economies. it's about bringing consumers and local businesses together for a healthier uk! be a part of it today!!!

zarina said : get smes online!

a binji said : will help local businesses to advertise and market in their local areas.

peter orme said : like the idea

john smith.. said : useful website. offers more than other directories and you can find all the info for a business in one place. excellent

mike de las alas said : is a fantastic service and really does want to help the small to medium sized enterprises in the uk. as a business owner i support there message and look forward to see what the future may bring


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