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By now, you've probably know who we are and you know what we stand for. So, lets turn the words into action and show you exactly how Only Uncle stands shoulder to shoulder with small business and supports the fight against the bloated corporate monsters that devour any small business that dare to stand in their way.

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    Your online business profile

    At the heart of Only Uncle is your online business profile. It's a showcase for all that's best about your business for you to share with potential prospects. It includes everything from your logo to your opening hours to special offers and more.
    Your profile is easy to create [build yours now link] with no technical skills needed because we've done all the hard work for you. Why build an expensive website of your own when your Only Uncle profile gives your prospects everything they need in a professional, engaging format.

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    Special offers and promotions

    Now more than ever, prospects are looking for a bargain. So why not create a special offer in your profile that every prospect can see. Special offers are displayed prominently on your profile page, and on other pages in the Only Uncle site so you can be sure that your prospects won't miss it.
    What's more, unlike some services Only Uncle does not charge you to create offers, nor do we look for a commission. Special offers are intended to benefit you and your customers – not us.

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    Spreading the word

    If you give your customers a good experience then they will want to tell their friends and Only Uncle makes it incredibly easy to do. All your delighted customers need to do is visit your profile page and click one of the links to recommend your business to all their friends on Facebook, Twitter and the like. When you consider that the average Facebook use has over 200 friends, the opportunity to spread your message is huge!

  • Sharing happiness

    Got a happy customer – I hope you've got lots. Tell them to come to Only Uncle and leave a review of your business so that others can see just how good you are. The better your review score, the higher your ranking in Only Uncle, so get those reviews coming in.
    Here's a quick tip for you – offer your customers a small thank you for their review. They'll be thrilled to bits and tell even more people!

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    Keeping in touch

    Your existing customers are the lifeblood of your business. It takes far less effort to keep an existing customer than it does to find a new one, so it's essential to keep them happy, and keep your relationship with them fresh. So your Only Uncle account includes free tools (that we are improving all the time) to keep in touch with your customers for free, and in minutes. There really is no easier way to stay at the front of your customers mind.

  • And then...

    You keep suggesting and we keep listening, so we are always coming up with new ways to help. Keep your eyes on your email and your profile for all our latest creations, and if there's something you would like, why not suggest it.

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